Winter Program-High School Season

The lightest part of the Challenge ECNL calendar runs from early January through mid-March, coinciding with the Texas high school season. We understand that many players enjoy playing for their High School because it offers them the chance to represent their school as well as a change of pace from the rigors of their Challenge ECNL season. Many clubs around the country are moving in the direction of forcing players to choose between ECNL and High School soccer, with no compromise. We feel that it is unrealistic to force teenage girls into making such difficult decisions and have therefore implemented a Winter Program, at no additional cost, that is decidedly unique amongst all the clubs in Houston and the Texas Conference.

Our Winter Program is strictly OPTIONAL, which means that our players have the choice of playing high school soccer with NO PENALTY. Of course there may be some conflicts with ECNL scheduled National Events, tournaments, or make up games and we address those on an individual basis. For those players who wish to forgo the High School season entirely, we have put in place the following program (at no additional charge):

  • An appropriate training to match to rest ratio. We find that injuries and burn out occur most during the High School season as players are often playing 6 days per week and sometimes training twice a day, in addition to academic demands.
  • 3 training sessions per week run by ECNL staff members
  • Entry into one or two college showcase events. Team will be entered into the U16 and U18 age groups, based on number of participants, allowing for additional college recruiting opportunites.
  • Competitive matches against boys teams on weekend
  • Fun, off the field activities
  • Additional training kit at no cost

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