ECNL Player Identification Platform


The ECNL Player Identification Program is intended to provide a better, more efficient and streamlined process for identifying players with the potential to play with the US Soccer Youth National Teams. The ECNL Player ID Program identifies the top players in the ECNL and then provides opportunities for these players to be seen and trained by U.S. Soccer National Team staff.  The ECNL Player ID Program was created under 4 key principles:

  • Players should be scouted and evaluated in their regular environment.
  • There should be no additional cost to players for scouting and identification.
  • To insure accurate evaluations, multiple people should evaluate players over multiple events.
  • To insure accurate evaluations, the coaches that train and develop the identified players should be consulted as the best source of information regarding overall ability, mentality, and current form.

By scouting players in their regular team environment, while they are competing against the best players in the country, the ECNL Player ID Program increases opportunities for identified players at no additional cost to the players. The program also does not add congestion to the player calendar by requiring multiple levels of “try-outs” and other competitions to identify players.  

The ECNL Player Identification Platform includes a scouting network of over 150 scouts. These scouts include coaches from member clubs of the ECNL as well as independent coaches, and some of the country’s best youth club coaches, coaches with former experience with US Soccer National Teams, and coaches from top Division I, II, and III colleges. The ECNL scouting staff is one of the largest, most qualified, and most comprehensive scouting networks for female players in the country. ECNL scouts are assigned to observe and analyze ECNL games at each ECNL National Showcase Event. A standardized evaluation program has been established by the ECNL for these scouts whereby identified players will be evaluated on a variety of technical, tactical, physical, and psychological characteristics based upon their performances. The performance of identified players will be tracked over time through a secure, online database allowing longitudinal tracking of the players.

  • The ECNL / id2 National Camp: Held annually and becoming the most elite girls identification event in the country, approximately 90 of the nation’s top female youth soccer players are invited for one weekend to participate in training and competition before US Soccer National Team staff. The ECNL / id2 National Camp is free of charge for the players; the ECNL and Nike Soccer cover all of the costs associated with the camp, including hotel and ground transportation, meals, coaching, facilities, and equipment. The only cost for players is transportation to and from the camp. During the camp, the players have the opportunity to compete in front of top colleges from around the nation, are trained by some of the top youth coaches in the country, and learn from a series of off-field presentations from experts and former national team coaches and players (the 2011 camp included presentations from former U.S. Women’s National Team standouts Mia Hamm and Kristine Lilly).

ECNL Player Development Program

ECNL Player Development Program is in conjunction with US Club Soccer’s id2 Player Development Programs (ECNL PDP).  ECNL PDP events provide an opportunity for the top players within every ECNL Conference to play with and against the best players within their region at multiple age groups, and to attend presentations from leading coaches or experts in elite athlete development. ECNL PDPs are created with three primary goals:

     (i) Identify the top players within each ECNL Conference at multiple age groups;
     (ii) Provide a developmental experience; and
     (iii) Recognize and reward individual performance and achievement.

Each year, there will be approximately ten such programs taking place across the country, with every ECNL Club assigned to one either based upon their conference or their geographic location. ECNL PDPs will bring together the top 60 players within the conference or geographic region for a weekend of training, competition, and education.  

Players are selected for the ECNL PDPs based on their performance in ECNL competitions and recommendations from coaches. Each ECNL PDP will occur over two days and will include three training sessions/matches and a presentation for the players. The ECNL will be covering the costs of participation in the ECNL PDP, excluding travel costs for participating players.

Based upon their performance in ECNL competitions and in the ECNL PDPs over the course of the year, players may be invited to participate in the ECNL/id2 National Training Camp.


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