Challenge Developmental Principles

Guided by the US Soccer Federations Youth Development Curriculum, Challenge has implemented a newly designed comprehensive program and curriculum which focuses on the four pillars of soccer (Technique, Tactics, Physical, Psychological) and primray principles of play, while keeping age appropriate considerations in mind. Challenge players are trained under periodized guidelines provided by the USSF, which plan out proper match to training rations while also having yearly training schedules, themes, and rest periods built in. A varience in high intensity periods and low intensity periods is necessary in the progression of elite female athletes and Challenges attention to the physical and psychological needs and demands of players is second to none.

Our players expect and receive the following:

  • An elite training environment that fosters development, creatitiveness, positivity and camaraderie between players and staff alike. We strive to promote and teach a possession based style of play that is not only attractive to watch for our parents and fans, but also fun for our players to learn and execute.
  • A standard of coaching that is second to none in Houston and Texas. Our ECNL staff has a wide range of experience in youth, collegiate, and professional coaching and has developed player who have gone on to play at every level of collegiate, professional, and international soccer.
  • A positive yet challenging program that pushes players past their comfort zone while also still allowing room for mistakes and learning opportunities.
  • Weekly competition against the Nations elite. The ECNL eliminates weak and meaningless games. Every game counts and is important.
  • Open communication between ECNL staff coaches, players, and families. We pride ourselves on being accessible, respectful, and willing to discuss our players development with parents.
  • A comprehensive and complete college program that caters to each individual player and her specific dreams and needs. Our ECNL staff has a vast list of college contacts and we pride ourselves in finding the perfect college program for all of our players.
  • Complete and thorough pre-match preperation.
  • Improved individual technique and speed of play.
  • Improved and more sophisticated tactical understanding of specific positions and multiple systems of play.
  • Periodic physical and technical testing with reported scores.
  • Game uniforms (home and away jerseys, shorts, and socks) at no cost.
  • Improved competitiveness and levels of accountability.
  • An increased ENJOYMENT of the game.

An important piece to the Challenge program is the ability to train players within their specific position, in both tactical and technical manners. We dedicate plenty of time to small group training, in positions, where players will be able to refine and learn new concepts and techniques relevant to where they may play on the field. The idea is for players to then take their position responsibilities and apply them appropriately to the full-sided games. As our players become more comfortable and diverse in their individual roles and capabilities, our teams become more cohesive units working towards one collective goal.


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