STX Soccer Community Mourns the Loss of Arthur Yonge

STX Soccer Community Mourns the Loss of Arthur Yonge

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Arthur Yonge.

The entire South Texas Soccer Community is in mourning over Arthur’s passing.  Arthur is one of those rare individuals that has devoted his life to growing youth soccer in South Texas.   Since the mid 1980’s he has been a driving force to provide the sport of soccer to the youth of our communities.  Children and soccer were his passions which combined with his vision, created an excellent environment for the participation for all children without regard to the child’s background or financial mean.

Arthur was instrumental in the formation of Eastern District Division One Association (EDDOA) and nurtured its growth into one of the premier competitive leagues in the country.  Players traveled from across South Texas and the Southern Region to participate in this excellent and exclusive competitive league.  This league not only provided a much-needed vehicle to keep older children active in the sport, but also provided a development path for the child to make the most of his or her abilities in the sport.  Hundreds of players went on the play in college, professional leagues, and even the U.S. Soccer National teams

The last few years Arthur has been working with the local soccer club directors in establishing and operating the USC League.  Arthur worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this league despite his declining physical strength.  He once again sought to help create a more competitive, better organized, and safer environment for the local youth soccer players.

For the last thirty plus years, Arthur was the “go to guy” in Houston for the resolution of youth soccer issues, conflicts, and needs.  He would not rest until he had found the way and the resources to resolve the children’s needs in our sport.

As a person, Arthur was one of the most generous individuals you would ever meet.  He was a friend to everyone and loved all the people involved in youth soccer.  Whether or not you completely agreed with him on soccer, you would still be his friend and he wished nothing but the best for all.

His dream was to be able to unite all the various factions that exist in soccer today to make a better experience for all the children that he loved so dearly.

Arthur Yonge will be missed dearly by all that knew him and by the hundreds of thousands of youth soccer families, past, present, and future, that may not have known him personally but did know Arthur through his dedication to the sport.

We thank Arthur’s wife Cinda and his sons, Arthur Jr, and Daniel for sharing Arthur with us and extend to them our prayers and heartfelt condolences.  Adequate words to express to his family our thoughts for them in this time of their loss are hard to reduce to writing.  But just know that we are all better for knowing him and our thoughts are with you.