Challenge Launches New Regional League With Six Other ECNL Clubs

Challenge Launches New Regional League With Six Other ECNL Clubs

In a continued effort to raise the game of girl’s youth soccer, seven members of the ECNL Texas Conference have come together to form a new regional league within the US Club Soccer Structure. Beginning in the fall of 2018 with U14-U19 play (2005-2000 birth years), the league will be comprised of the historical leaders of female player development in Texas and Oklahoma and will closely follow and embrace the core values of its seven members, forming an unrivaled cooperative platform of destination clubs committed to the advancement of elite female players.

Founding members of the new platform include all ECNL ‘All In’ clubs in the nationally regarded Texas ECNL Conference: Albion Hurricanes, Challenge Soccer Club, Classics Elite, D’Feeters Soccer Club, Sting-Dallas Soccer Club, Sting-Austin, and TSC Hurricanes.

Through the collaboration and innovation of the league’s clubs, destination environments for elite players are being created daily, forming a unique and clear development path towards collegiate, professional and international play.

The clubs are committed to linking their ECNL and regional teams through the following:

Shared coaching staffs

Shared training curriculums

Shared game schedules mirroring ECNL fixtures

Elite gameday environment and medical care

Unmatched collegiate exposure for all levels

Through training and shared coaching staffs, regional team players will have the regular opportunity to play with and in front of their respective club’s ECNL head coaches, offering them continued chances to advance their level of play, while also being evaluated by regional coaches and scouts for National id2 and Player Development Program (PDP) selections.

Regional teams will be playing meaningful games mirroring their club’s ECNL schedule, at member clubs’ top facilities, with elite gameday set up and medical care, as they will be competing to advance to the US Club Soccer league-based Regional and National competitions.  Additionally, member clubs will be participating in some of the best Regional and National Collegiate Showcases, including: The Texas Shootout, The Texas Cup, D’Feeters Thanksgiving Showcase, Albion Hurricanes College Showcase, the Adidas Sam Shannon Showcase and TSCH Junior ECNL to name a few.

More information about this new program, designed for the elite player, will be released in the coming days.